Retirement Planning

Retirement seems like the finish line for most. It can surface as one of the most enjoyable times in someone’s life, or it can be the complete opposite forcing some to return back to work. As disappointing as that sounds, it is reality today. That is why preparation is key.

Retirement planning involves more than just how much you will receive through your pension, TSP and Social Security. Yes it is a huge factor, however there are other parts to also consider such as what will be the cost of your health insurance and life insurance and will you be able to afford it? Or at what time exactly should or will you be able to retire? What will your survivor benefit be cost wise and is it needed and are there other alternatives? These questions are all pertinent.

Filling out the correct paperwork and designating the right time for you to retire is crucial and that is one piece of the pie that our federal benefits specialists will guide you through. Understanding your benefits to be able to achieve your retirement goals is our sole focus.

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Fed Advisors does not provide tax and/or legal advice, but will work with your attorney or independent tax or legal advisor. In the event that you do not have your own attorney or tax professional we will partner with local CPA firms to provide tax services.